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Mac OS Apple XCode Editions - All Here


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May 5, 2008
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Apple Xcode
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Xcode is a tool for coding and creating applications for Apple's products and devices.

With this app, you can distribute and distribute software products for all Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.
This encoding environment has a very nice interface, and all the graphic parts of the program, such as the program interface, buttons, menus and pictures can be viewed and draggable, you will not need to write code for these parts.
You are the sole programmer responsible for coding the logic of the program.

Xcode has various capabilities to troubleshoot and troubleshoot the program, for example, finding memory-related errors using Memory Debugger is not a tough task. Anywhere in the code where silent bugs are deployed will be detected and repaired with the debugger of this program and a little intelligence of the programmer.
The Swift language, which is intended for coding in this series, has a very high degree of readability and a better relationship with Objective C.
The naming and structure of functions and classes in the API is very tense, which speeds up coding operations.

Features of Xcode:
  • Beautiful, structured and efficient interface
  • Static code analysis (that is, when the code is written and before the execution of the error, the programmer declares)
  • Detecting memory-related errors
  • The debugger is very capable to find the program's errors and problems
  • Proper naming of API functions and classes
  • Enhance IDE capabilities with plugins
  • Ability to program for all Apple products
  • Ability to write script scripts
  • High personalization capability
  • A powerful profile for viewing resource consumption trends
  • Performing unit tests in a simple way without leaving the coding environment
  • And …
Required system:
  • Xcode 9 Compatibility
  • Xcode 9 requires a Mac running macOS 10.13.2 or later.
  • Xcode 9 includes SDKs for iOS 11.4, watchOS 4.3, macOS 10.13, and tvOS 11.4
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